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Are You Smarter than Preki? Round 1.

who wouldn't want a Preki doll?
who wouldn't want a Preki doll?

Yes, after all the months of excited tension and anticipation, the big breakfasts, hashtags and full page ads, after all that, the big moment is finally here. Yes the world's most half arsed and painfully drawn out prediction contest is back, it's the return of Smarter than Mo! Rebranded to be fresher, edgier, more defensively astute, but grumpier and guaranteed to piss everyone off sooner or later, not that it cares, cos you know, we're just a bunch of Canadians, 2012 asks the question, Are You Smarter Than Preki?

Of course you are, aren't we all? Here's your chance to prove it over the next 8 months simply by predicting the score of Toronto FC's games. If you played along last year you know the drill, predict the score of TFC's game in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. Get it right and win points, and what do points win? Prizes!

This year's prizes are pictured above. First place gets a Preki doll, given away when TFC and Preki visited Kansas City back in 2010 (were they Sporting then or still the wizards?). Looking vaguely like him, maybe, in the right light, and in the truly atrocious Wizards (were they the wizards then, or still the Wiz?) Jersy of his playing days, it's a collectors item no home should be without.

Second prize, going to the best points per prediction average is a memento of some very dubious TFC history. Our worst ever home defeat, and it's my official press box copy of the TFC teamsheet from that day, in all it's Harden and Gargan, Yourassowsky and Borman 2-6 glory.

There's a change to the scoring from last year's overly simplistic rules. This year, earn points in the following manner. 2 points for the correct result, ie win, lose or tie, with 1 bonus point for getting the TFC goals right, 1 for the opposition goals, and 1 for the correct margin of victory/defeat (that won't work, as there is no margin to guess at in a tie, so forget that one). So get it exactly right and win 5 4 points.

Dan Gargan's putting his boots on in a cab from the airport, so it's time to get started. predict the score of Toronto FC v LA Galaxy below, and let the smarterest man or woman win. Cheers for playing.