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'Twas The Night Before CONCACAF Champions League Quarters...

If you're in bed and not reading this post, chances are these good times are what you are dreaming of for tomorrow night...
If you're in bed and not reading this post, chances are these good times are what you are dreaming of for tomorrow night...

It's the night before the big game, and if you are still awake, wherever you are in TFC land...enjoy this short little poem (written in less than 25 minutes...)

'Twas the night before the CONCACAF quarters and all across the land,
Every supporter was stirring, come on time let's go
The banners are hung off Skydome's rafters with care
With Frings, Koevermans, Plata and the like will be in sight.

The supporters were all snug in their beds,
The vision of victory dancing in their heads.
And I in my nightgear, all the way out west
Was typing furiously before heading to bed.

When suddenly my work was interrupted by such a clatter,
I left my work to see what was the matter.
To the TV room I went, down the stairwell,
So fast I ran, down the stairs I almost fell.

The moon's light was hazed over by snow covered clouds,
But the light of the TV screen was as bright, and how!
I rubbed my eyes, incredulous as they can be,
I just can't believe the sight that I see!

There stood Aron Winter, all decked out in Red
Standing a fore me, almost like another certain red-clad man.
Is he the one that dragged me out of bed?
Or is this just the view of an over-caffeinated fan?

On Koevermans! On Caicedo! On Plata! On Johnson!
On Frings! On Dunfield! On Kocic! On Stinson!
Away to the Skydome, there's work to be done,
Now dash, dash away, practice towards a victory!

I was still a bit shellshocked at the appearance of the Reds,
In my living room, with floors that have now turned green.
The sky was blue, and the air was warm.
'Twas like I was in a practice field, in the middle of spring.

He then approached me, he looked at me with a wink.
Not a word was said, but I felt the meaning.
Maybe I didn't have to check the expiry date of that drink.
But to check how I was feeling.

And in that moment I felt a surge of pride,
To be a Reds supporters, way out in the West.
And while victory is not assured, I can't push aside.
The feeling that we will not come away tomorrow night, second best.

I walked away, the room turned back to the darkness of the night.
This vision that did appear, besides showing that my prescription could be a bit light,
But I finished my work and tucked into bed, To prepare for the day

To all, a well and happy night,
Rest up for what will be a night for the books.
This evening shall be the biggest fight,
Of the Reds' young existence.