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Mount Royal Soccer

Today SB Nation added their 19th MLS blog which is a very exciting milestone as it means that you now have access to coverage of every team on a single platform. For us the launch of the 19th blog is significant because Mount Royal Soccer is going to be all about the Montreal Impact!

In the past our blog has been lacking any real rival team blog to interact with on SB Nation as the Crew blog, "Massive Report", only just officially joined the network this off-season. Now we have both in place at will be looking to do some more interacting with these "Rival Blogs" in the lead up to the teams playing. With Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact playing almost every other week this season you might just be seeing a fair bit of interaction.

For now though, take a minute and check out the latest blog and let our francophone neighbours feel welcome. Just make sure to remind them that we are still better.