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Geovanny Caicedo leaves Toronto FC.

Well, plan A for 'get Frings back into the midfield' has failed.
Well, plan A for 'get Frings back into the midfield' has failed.

Well, that didn't take long did it? One of the two big international Centre Back signings from the off season, supposed to improve quality and depth in Toronto FC's defensive black hole has already left. The club announced today that Caicedo's contract was terminated 'by mutual consent'.

"We are certainly disappointed with this outcome," said Toronto FC Head Coach and Technical Director Aron Winter. "During the preseason Geovanny expressed difficulty adjusting to the style of Major League Soccer. This reason combined with being away from his family, we were willing to accept the contract termination. We felt it was in the best interest of Geovanny. We wish him the best in his future endeavours."

That's the official blurb on the website from Aron Winter, and suggest it was very much Caicedo's request rather than the club's decision. It's all very strange though, surely even if he was completely ignorant of MLS beforehand, he would have done his homework and figured out what style of play to be expecting, and he certainly doesn't look like a physical style would bother him given his physique.

He played a grand total of 45 minutes that we could see, against Orlando City in the mickey mouse cup, and it certainly wasn't a good half for him. He'd been described in reports from training as still chasing fitness, and to be charitable, let's say that was the problem, as he really struggled with the pace of the Orlando striker whose name I can't remember right now. It was then reported that he had a minor knee injury, and he was never seen again.

What that means is that until the return of Adrian Cann, it will continue to be Ty time at the back alongside Miguel Aceval, and while not ideal, Harden's alright so it won't be too bad back there. Given that Caicedo was nicknamed 'the spoon' I hereby join forces with the Yorkies in a campaign to nickname Harden 'the Spork'. For now though, TFC's fans dream of finally having a solution to the Centre Back conundrum that isn't called Torsten Frings have taken a knock. The Caicedo era was a puzzling one. Obviously this frees up an international spot, and presumably some or all of his salary cap space, I guess it was decided that was more valuable than still having him on the team.