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Game Thread: Toronto FC vs. Chivas USA

Let's hope there will be some defending like that today. (Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE)
Let's hope there will be some defending like that today. (Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE)

Toronto FC vs. Chivas USA
BMO Field, 4:30pm EDT (2:30pm MDT)

Cann the celebrations, boys and girls (get it? Cann the celebrations? I'll get my coat...), because this is crunch time. Already. Four matches into the season and TFC is facing an 0-and-4 record, with two goals to show for it all so far. It's a grim picture -- and despite Aron Winter's insistence that Torsten Frings and Adrian Cann are close to a return, Frings told the media yesterday that he's not ready.

Maybe it's the coach buying into the proverbial Kool-Aid, as some detractors may say. While we'll let the fates decide that one, it does seem Cann is almost ready to return -- which despite the fact that the return is a hopefully positive sign, it doesn't eliminate the fact that the backline is still extremely limited in options, a fact highlighted by the nine goals that the team has conceded so far in the season.

Roster wise, Chivas will be without their DP Juan Pablo Angel, while Peter Vagenas is listed as questionable and Michael Lahoud is probably. As metioned before, Cann is listed as probable for TFC, while Logan Emory is suspended after the questionable red card he received in Montreal.

For your reading pleasure, we here at Waking the Red present Dave's theory on why TFC isn't scoring, while James presents his theory on how this can be corrected. James also brings us a breakdown of what we can expect from Chivas USA, while Duncan had a chat with Goat Parade's Alicia Ratteree to find out what makes them tick. Dave is back with a full match preview, while if you're feeling down...maybe I can help with this piece.

And then there's match previews from the other guys here, here and here. And oh yeah, think you can predict how the game will end up? Play out Are You Smarter game and you can win fabulous* prizes! So join us here on this thread before, during and after the match for witty banter and the'll be ever so much fun!

(* - again, fabulous is in the eyes of the beholder...)