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Liverpool vs Toronto FC ticket Info

So, seems like TFC's really proud of this one as they shuffled it out there on a Friday afternoon, but season ticket holders now have the emailed info on how to be first in line to get tickets watch their team be the patsies in a live 90 minute long Liverpool infomercial. Ooh, aah! And call in the next 20 minutes, 'cos you know we can't do this all day, and they'll throw in access to a Liverpool practice too! Wow, just imagine all the new TFC fans that will create!

Tickets are only $20 and can be bought here.

That is of course a link to one of two much better ways to spend the same money the cheapest tickets to Liverpool's marketing exercise will cost. At Canada's World Cup Qualifying games. First of all, for the price of one ticket after fees and service charges, you could buy a ticket to 2 games that actually mean something, and won't just be a bunch of reserves going through the motions against what will hopefully be TFC's academy squad. Tickets through the Voyageurs to Canada's World Cup Qualifiers this year at BMO Field are still on sale, and it's the same $20 price for the friendly against USA, and though it doesn't really count to anything other than marking the CSA's centenary, this friendly does at least serve a purpose to help the team get ready for the upcoming qualifiers. Canada needs all the support it can get so come out and see some quality players that are actually trying to do more than just not get injured.

The other way, which I wrote about earlier, is to buy tickets for kids from Toronto Community Housing to attend Canada's game against Honduras. There's over 800 kids offered sports activities through their Youth Engagament Programme, and the Voyageurs are hoping to collect enough donated tickets to send them all. Again, it's just $20 per ticket to help some kids out, and increase Canada's support when they'll really need it.

Unless you're a Liverpool fan, both of them make a lot more sense. If you are a Liverpool fan, well hey, enjoy your game, I won't begrudge you that, and why not help Canada as well. Cheers.