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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 7

Alright, so who's going to be optimistic/foolhardy enough to put a brave face on and predict TFC glory in this one? The first leg saw the most pessimism yet, but once again TFC surprised and got a decent result. But away from home? In Mexico? Surely not.

Predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter as always. @ points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct amount of TFC goals, 1 point for the correct amount of Santos goals. Current standings are below the jump, and remember the prize for the first half of the season is your very own set of Yorkies Cards, though if glory, earning things and delayed gratification aren't your bag, you can actually email them while supplies last and they'll just give you a set. They're well worth having, an excellent memento of the 2011 season, and the best bit of swag I've got out of this whole blogging thing so far (your move umbro).

Thanks for playing.

b_like_fonz 15
wright anomaly 13
dkolish3 12
susanjm 9
duncan fletcher 9
steph gunther 9
Redwineroz 8
kilowatt 44 7
psonumber9 7
mps204 7
Lesean25 7
varry galk 7
Plinkostar 7
dave rowaan 6
sulfur chesh 6
blindfolded tank driver 6
the yorkies 6
brucehardingtfc 5
Andy pereira 4
mrskilowatt44 4
c to the d 4
darth pingu 4
craig moretto 4
kzknowles/kristin 4
slknowles 4
bert terror 3
flying celt 3
mahmoud shoblaq 3
john leung 3
gweeds1180 3
ssreporters 3
the renniesance 3
j-real 3
bradtaylor78 2
canadian texan 2
footy wolverine go blue 2
radoodle 2
turbobadcore 1
calvin rowaan 1
therealdpan 1