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Do you want to win the Voyageurs Cup?

The words Vancouver Whitecaps appear nowhere in this picture.
The words Vancouver Whitecaps appear nowhere in this picture.

So, for a couple of days, we get to forget about that whole 0-7 thing, and concentrate on the cup, after all we've made it all the way to the semi final stage, yay TFC! There's bragging rights, the cup itself and all it means, and qualification to this year's version of the CCL on the line, but as we all know from last year, all those extra games can wreak havoc on the league schedule., though there would be only 4 CCL games this year, so that's not as bad.

So, is this just a distraction Toronto FC don't need as they try and rescue this shitshow of a season, or is it basically the only thing left that might make what is effectively #preseason2013 interesting? Or do those things not even really come into consideration, a trophy's a trophy, and really, it's about beating the other Canadian teams? Let's find out with the most scientific and decisive way of all, a poll!

Also, if you prefer your prediction contest to not be season long marathons, you should join in the Voyageurs Cup prediction contest over at the excellent Canadian focused blog Out Of Touch.