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Game Thread: Montreal Impact vs. Toronto FC

There's apparently going to be a derby match in this big thing today... (Credit: Tolivero/Wikimedia Commons)
There's apparently going to be a derby match in this big thing today... (Credit: Tolivero/Wikimedia Commons)

Montreal Impact vs Toronto FC
Stade Olympique, Montreal
TSN, 12pm EST

Is it the Canada derby? Or is it the 401 derby? Whatever you call's time to snap back to reality for TFC (for those of you who's still in mourning...take heart, we can be proud), now that the foray towards international glory is over (until the Canadian Championship starts, anyway) -- and now facing an 0-3 record in the league, Montreal is perhaps the best place for the Reds to kickstart MLS 2012.

Both teams are currently winless in the young season, so this one is primed to be a match that could either be a titanic struggle for three points, or could end in a dull, lifeless draw on the turf of Stade Olympique -- the key to victory, again, will be goals: both teams share a combined 4 goals in the season so far, as the Reds' leading scorers from last season, Danny Koevermans and Joao Plata, are mired in goal droughts.

It's going to be the first time that these two rivals will meet on the field of battle in MLS, and there's already sparks flying! There's going to be many a Reds supporter who will be at the stadium taking advantage of the close distance, and our friends at East Side Stand Up have some advice for the travelers. Trillium Cup, take a back seat. It's time for the Canada Derby...or whatever you want to call it!

Aron Winter seems pretty confident that the team will get a lift from their miracle run in the CCL, and will translate that into the league form. But this revival will have to occur without Adrian Cann, who is still recovering match fitness from knee surgery, and the goat-of-the-month Miguel Aceval, whose hands changed the complexion of the match in Torreon. Montreal will be without Nelson Rivas and Hassoun Camara, while Justin Braun is listed by MLS as questionable.

For your reading pleasure, here is our skipper's pre-match line-up analysis while James picks apart the Impact like a Canadian Picker at an antique shop. Here you can find Dave chatting respectfully with Sofiane from Mount Royal Soccer. And don't forget that you can test your prognostication skills with our "Are You Smarter" game...where you can win fabulous* prizes!

So keep it locked on this thread starting at 10am EST (that's 8am MST...oy vey...) as I will be bringing you live play-by-play and discussion here on the game thread...and don't be shy about jumping in! It'd be boring just with me posting over and over!

(* - Disclaimer: "fabulous" is in the eyes of the beholder...)