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Montreal Impact 2-1 TFC: Prepare Your Pitchforks!

I don't know about you, but is it possible that playing with 10 men is actually a good thing for Toronto FC?

A Sinisa Ubiparipovic goal in the 18th minute was the difference, while Andrew Wenger added on the icing on the cake at the 81st minute. Danny Koevermans finally broke his drought at the 88th minute -- but again it was too little, too late: a 2-1 defeat means that TFC will start their season 0-4. The last time they achieved this start was the inaugural season -- except this time, they've scored two goals instead of none.

I don't think there's much we can really take from this match. Terrible refereeing from Hilario Gravija resulted in the sending off of Logan Emory, which actually seemed to light a fire under the lifeless Reds. The set pieces seemed dangerous, but again finishing was the killer -- despite the fact that TFC didn't really deserve any points from this match. Overall, it was a typical

Already there's calls for Aron Winter's head...prepare your pitchforks if you wish, I can understand. But I say it's a little too soon especially with the bad string of injuries (losing Torsten Frings has to hurt) and the extra matches we've had to play due to the CONCACAF Champions League. Some may argue that Real Salt Lake's 4-0 start while making their run is something that we could have recreated...I say, good luck with that.

Doesn't mean that we don't have dead weight either -- Terry Dunfield probably played the worst game in a red shirt, while once again the red-headed stepchild of our three DPs, Julian de Guzman, put yet another nail in his coffin as a professional soccer player. Expect both to be joining Miguel Aceval and Ty Harden to be in the permanent doghouse with TFC supporters, before their soon-to-be-finalized exits.

Otherwise, that's all for this match. Nobody wins a golden trophy, everyone deserves a Kick In The Groin. Onward to next week!