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Stefan Vukovic with Impact U21's

Roberts is set to sign with the senior team but seems that Vukovic is now in the Impact system.  via <a href=""></a>
Roberts is set to sign with the senior team but seems that Vukovic is now in the Impact system. via

Everyone who reads my writing with any regularity knows that I am a big fan of Stefan Vukovic and have argued on a number of occassions that he should have been one of Toronto FC's home grown signings this year as for me he was a better prospect at forward than Keith Makabuya or the seriously injured Nicholas Lindsay.

Luke Wileman reported today on his twitter that Stefan Vukovic had played with the Montreal Impact U21 squad in an exhibition last Wednesday. For that to have happened it would mean that he was released by Toronto FC and is now pursuing other options at the top rung of Montreal's academy system. It seems that despite Vukovic tearing up the CSL last season for the academy and being with the first team during training camp he did not do enough to catch the eye of Aron Winter and his coaching staff.

It seems that he is now training with the Impact having been released by Toronto FC. With neither club confirming what is going on with the player it is hard to get a really good read on his current contract situation or why he is no longer with TFC. What we do know for sure is that he was in the lineup for the Impact U21's exhibition against the Rochester Rinos on April 4th and he set up his sides only goal in the 1-1 draw having come on in the 65th minute. There are several reports on the match that confirm his involvement including this one from Box Score News.

For me this move is a bit of a stunner as Vukovic seemed to be the top prospect in last season's academy team. If the coaching staff did not think he was good enough then I hope the Ancaster native can make it in Montreal. Toronto has proven to be a club that likes to give young local talent a chance on the senior team so it is a bit confusing that Vukovic has not been given the chance.

We wish the player all the best and hope to one day see him back in Toronto even if it is in Impact blue or even better in a Canada shirt. He could be back in Toronto as soon as the 11th though when Toronto FC' taking on the Impact in reserve league action. That game was originally listed as TBD but is now set for Wednesday at 1:00pm at BMO Field. Will be interesting to see if Vukovic is there and what colours he is wearing.