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Michael Ballack to Toronto FC?

Hi Torsten!!!!
Hi Torsten!!!!

The German rumour mill has been in full force of late and this time around they are suggesting that Toronto FC could complete its collection of German holding midfielders this summer. Several outlets, of varying reliability, are suggesting that Michael Ballack may just be interested in joining Torsten Frings when his contract with with Bayer Leverkusen comes to an end.

One report suggests that the former German international and World Cup veteran could make his decision on where he will play next season in the coming weeks with a decision coming in late May. Both reports suggest that the two main appeals for Ballack to come to Toronto FC are Torsten Frings and Aron Winter. It would seem that Winter's record as a player with the Dutch National team is more important than his win-loss record as a coach.

The issue with Toronto making a move to bring in Ballack is that with Frings, Danny Koevermans, and Julian De Guzman on the books already they have no room to add an additional designated player. Even if Ballack were to magically accept less than DP type money that would still not work as the club is already pressed up against the salary cap.

The only way such a move would make sense is if you consider the fact that De Guzman's contract runs out at the end of the season and that should leave one of the DP slots open. That would not be until the end of the season though and Ballack would be available to join in the middle of the summer similar to last year's two big DP signings. So not really sure how the move would work out but here are the sources of the ever growing rumour (all 3 in German):