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WTR Live: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto FC (V Cup Final 1st Leg)

Vancouver Whitecaps v Toronto FC
Voyageurs Cup Final, 1st Leg
BC Place, 10pm ET
Sportsnet One

Well, who'd think we'd be here after all the things TFC has been through?

The beginning of the end of the 2012 Voyageurs Cup is here with the first leg of the Final. Both teams appear to be taking this competition seriously (given the result the Whitecaps had over the weekend), and this will be the first time we will find out how moving Bob de Klerk off the sidelines and promoting Jim Brennan in his place will have on the Reds. The Reds will also be dealing with the absence of Torsten Frings and Miguel Aceval, which may be a blessing or a curse depending on who you talk to.

For your reading pleasure, do check out James' beautifully detailed Know Your Enemy piece and Duncan's preview of the match. You can also play our infamous Are You Smarter game, where you can win real prizes...if your crystal ball is in tune, of course.

Whether you think the Reds will pull through or not, do join us here starting at 9:15pm EST for pre-game chat, lineups and other pre-game news. in anticipation of the 10pm kickoff in Vancouver. (The window is past the jump.)