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Dear Danny Califf...

Sure, you may get to see our old friend Edson more, but is that really worth pissing all over Toronto? (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Sure, you may get to see our old friend Edson more, but is that really worth pissing all over Toronto? (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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Dear Danny,

So I hear you're begging ole Piotr Nowak to not send you to Toronto.

I admit that I was one of those fans who were hoping you'd come -- but when I read what you said, I was deeply disappointed...nay, angry even. Not only have you made me look like a complete fool, but you also took a nice deep shot at my team at the same time.

Now, I ask...why did you do that? I can swallow my pride and admit that I'm wrong, but did you have to go to that extreme?

I'm not here to defend the management of TFC, and you and I both know how much wrong they've done in the past -- but there's a few things that you'll be missing.

First, you're missing the chance to be a part of a team with potential. It's hard to see when the team is mired in an 0-and-8 record, but you are turning down a team that has potential. Remember those kids, Doneil and Ashtone? A bit rough around the edges...but you could have been there to help Terry and Adrian mentor them.

Heck, with your experience, you could help a lot of people while bringing some stability that we as supporters are still seeking. And then there's the CONCACAF Champions League, but I'll talk more about that in a little bit.

Second, you've also ticked off one of the most devoted and passionate fan bases in all Major League Soccer. You're probably used to the support from the Sons of Ben in Philadelphia, and you'd probably be getting the same treatment (if not better, but that's just me). Sure, there may be a few who will still begrudge you for that red card on Dwayne de Rosario a few years back...but they'll come around once you make an impact.

Don't get me wrong wouldn't get a free ride. Those guys are tough, but also fair -- it's more like tough love, I'd say. But damned if they aren't a dedicated bunch. And trust me, you know like I do that you'd rather have them having your back, than having them against you...just ask David.

Third, you'd be living in a great city in a wonderful country that's not unlike the United States. Of course, the dressing room at BMO Field is definitely another -- and while it's not perfect, let's just say you could be in worse places. The ownership can be clueless and we may have changed coaches faster than RuPaul changes handbags, but no period of flux lasts forever (sort of like how Nowak's reign on the Union isn't permanent), and when it does turn will turn around big time here, believe you me.

It's not going to happen overnight, mind you (it'd help if we start by winning the match against D.C. United today) -- but still, you could be part of something that's changing for the good, and that extra bit of satisfaction from knowing you played a part of it is priceless.

And finally, it's true that we may not possess much silverware (back-to-back-to-back Canadian Championships notwithstanding), but we're probably more well known in North America because of our performances in the CONCACAF Champions League, a tournament that your soon-to-be-former team have yet to qualify for, and your soon-to-be-current team have yet to win a game in; and at the end of the day, continental glory far outweighs the MLS Cup, and trust looks better on your resume.

It's really quite simple, really -- TFC has so much potential, and you have chosen to beg (BEG!) to not be a part of it. I can't claim to know what you situation is, but to do that just shows that all the wishing and hoping I've done was for nothing. I'm not mad...(okay, a little bit miffed) but still, dude...I pushed for you, man.

So enjoy Southern California, because with Chivas USA, the warm weather is probably the only thing that's going to be going for you...sorry Alicia.