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Luis Boa Morte on trial with Toronto FC.

Well, this one doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but word was quickly tweeted by all those proper journos that attended Toronto FC training this morning that our team of lovable losers was joined by Luis Boa Morte. A big name to be sure, Portugese international, many years in the EPL with Arsenal, most notably Fulham, and West Ham United, but it's been a while since he's been any kind of star, and fits the stereotype of 'former star looking for one last payday' to a tee.

His latest club was Orlando Pirates of South Africa, but he left the team in mysterious circumstances, after just a couple of appearances a few months after signing an 18 month contract.

Yeah, he's got the pedigree and the history, but that's what it is as far as being an effective dangerous player, history. This is the sort of 'used to be good in Europe so must be able to still do well over here despite being clearly over the hill' signing that MLS seems to be outgrowing. For players at a certain level, it can work, see Torsten Frings, Thierry Henry and more, but Boa Morte is nowhere near that level, if anything he's closer to Laurent Robert's level, and Robert was at least closer to his glory days when he came over here.

Let's also not forget the fact that tricky and temperamental winger really should be much lower down TFC's list of priorities than a good Centre Back. I really can't see this working out, surely TFC can't be this desperate for a distraction can they?