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Game Thread: Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Voyageurs Cup Final - second leg

BMO Field 8pm

Sportsnet One

So here it is, the season's almost over. A few hours from now, TFC fans could well have only looking for hope building towards next year, and Canada games to distract them form the nothingness of the rest of the 2012 season. That and all the soap opera style front office shenanigans of course. Win and most importantly Vancouver's name still doesn't sully the Voyageurs Cup, and we also get 4 more games that actually mean something and can give some kind of focus to the summer/fall portion of the schedule.

That's basically all it comes down to really, relief from and reward for the long season so far, and something to keep the season relevant. A loss might be for the best to remove any idea of success for the season and really focus the appropriate minds on the change that is necessary, but that's just too depressing of a thought to call for right now, So let's get the trophy and worry about that stuff later.

For more thorough pre game reading, you can check out my preview here, as well as James' usual detailed breakdown of the opposition in know your enemy. Check out 86 forever for the Vancouver side of things, and of course if you're reading this before the game, you still have time to enter are you smarter than Preki.

Someone will be here with lineup news when it hits twitter, probably at about 7 o clock, and then more commentary throughout the game, so feel free to join us.

Come On You Reds!