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What a waste of money!

One of the most intriguing days in the MLS calendar is here, the players union have released the salary figures! You can see all the numbers here, and remember it's the guaranteed compensation that counts to the cap. We'll have a bit more analysis later, for now Eckersley and plata's numbers jump out as the most surprising to me really, and there's quite a few players that you think, well we could be doing better there, as well as a few bargains playing out their initial contracts.

For now though a poll, and as per demand on twitter (I asked whether I should be mean or play nice, and 2 people jumped on the mean bandwagon, so here it is) you get to decide who is TFC's most overpaid player. I didn't include the DP players as their full salary doesn't count which kind of skews things. Anyway, indulge your mean side and let us know who you think is the worst value for money on TFC's roster.