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All time Canada XI, and top ten Canadian soccer moments

Just when things start to go right and TFC put together a 2 game win streak, they get to take a 3 week break between games, which means we all get to stop torturing ourselves following the exploits of a struggling team in red, and instead turn our attention to...well, Canada.

I'll start off our coverage by drawing attention to something I wrote a bit about a couple of weeks ago, but all the hype then was for that fancy new jersey. Now though, with the big centenary game against the states less than a week away, the CSA has started it's countdown to the big occasion, mainly with a few different things on their website. They've already announced the teams of the 2 half decades, 1912-1962 and 1963-present day, and a few days ago started the countdown of the top 10 moments in Canadian soccer history (after 1912 that is, which ironically enough eliminates some of the more impressive achievements in Canadian soccer history)

So far we've had number 10, Canada plays in World Cup Qualifiers for the first time in 1957, as well as number 8, Canada draws Brazil 1-1 in a friendly in 1994. So that's a historic moment for sure, but surely one of those things that was guaranteed to happen at some time rather than an acheivement (though the first game was a 5-1 win over the US, so a victory as well as an occasion), and then a friendly. Hmmmm. Numbers 9 and 7 are more impressive as it's Canada's women's team winning the Concacaf championship in 1998 (9) on home soil with the final at Centennial Park in Etobicoke, which is a bit of a depressing location, and again in 2010 (7) in Mexico. Number 6 is the 2007 U-20 World Cup held in Canada. Things should pick up soon on the mens side of things what with qualifying and playing in the '86 world cup, and winning the 2000 Gold Cup. Even before then though, it's worth clicking on the links though, they all have short accompanying videos to give each one a bit more info and insight, though for some reason the skirmish between Toronto police and the Chilean side didn't make the cut for number 6.

The last bit is where it gets interactive, and if you're anything like me will make you realise how little you know/how little info is really out there to red up on about Canada's past. That's the chance for you to pick the all time Canada XI, for both men and women. Voting on that started today, and can be accessed by clicking on the big picture of Craig Forrest found here.

For me, I'd call my knowledge of anything beyond the last 5 years or so shaky, and my knowledge of anything beyond the last 15 years or so practically non existent outside of the 1986 world cup stuff. There were a lot of names there I just flat out didn't recognise. Even looking up stats as I had to is horribly skewed towards the modern day players who get to play a lot more games.

Hopefully there's plenty of people out there who can know their history and can vote knowledgeably on this, if you're one of them please go do it now, but I can't help but feel that we could get a very very modern based side. Aah democracy. Should be interesting to see what happens.