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Game Thread: Toronto FC v Montreal Impact. (V-Cup SF, 2nd leg)

Toronto FC v Montreal Impact
BMO Field, 8pm E.D.T
Sportsnet (Ontario and East)

So here it is, May 9th, in a record quick time of 2 months and 2 days after it all started against L.A at the dome, and Rita Macneil's already finished her warmup exercises and is ready to serenade TFC off the pitch should they lose to Montreal. That (or any kind of scoring tie) would of course see them knocked out of the Voyageurs Cup. No final to wait for, no trophy to hoist and no CCL to look forward to towards the end of the season. Given that making the playoffs is a distant dream, and it's not like there's a relegation fight to hold our interest, that would be the end of any meaningful action for TFC this year and officially kick off preseason 2013.

Would a loss here mean the end of Aron Winter? Would a win be enough to keep his job for at least as long as it takes to play the final, even as the losses mount up in league play? Or will MLSE keep the faith no matter what happens and give him a chance to go after every dubious feat in the MLS record book? Who knows really, who knows? It's all so very very depressing.

Anyway, for more reading, here's Dave's preview, James' Know Your Enemy, and my chat with Sofiane Benzaza from Mount Royal Soccer where you can go and read the Montreal view of things. While I'm linking, if you haven't already, go here and buy tickets for Canada's upcoming World Cup qualification games, either for yourself, or for a kid from the Toronto Communiyy housing to go in your place. Or both.

I'm not generally one to tell you how or even if you should support, but if you're at the game, give it your best to cheer them on tonight. You'll have all summer to be miserable or protest, but the players look very much in need of a lift right now, so try and put negativity to one side for one more game that does actually mean something. If you're not at the game, well, join us here for team news as it comes out at about 7ish, and chat throughout the game.

Come On You Reds!