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Three Words: Fire. Anselmi. Now.

Why Tom Anselmi's ass isn't at the end of that boot, I have no clue.
Why Tom Anselmi's ass isn't at the end of that boot, I have no clue.

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again: it's time to fire Tom Anselmi.

I don't know how easterners do their business, but having absolutely zero clue as to how to run two major sports teams (and leading them to very little success in the process) shouldn't be grounds for promotion to a higher role -- that's the ticket for a pink slip. Today's sacking of Aron Winter should be the last straw for Anselmi for all supporters.

I've already gone on my diatribe before, and I don't think it bears repeating any more -- we're now on our seventh coach, and Paul Mariner isn't exactly the sparkling example of successful coaching. And as long as Anselmi remains at the helm, we have virtually no chance of getting the TFC house in true order.

The cancer has been identified -- it's time for supporters to call for the surgery to begin at last. We've suffered more than enough: it's time to show MLSE in any way possible that Tom Anselmi, the man who has no clue how to run a soccer club, needs to be run out of town to join the six other coaches he's sacked.

And heaven help me if he's given that promotion to "get him away" from handling TFC -- the man deserves a one-way trip out of Toronto instead.

End of rant.