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Toronto FC players finally starting to look like proper footballers.

After years of struggling on the pitch and only occasionally presuading anyone that yes, these are actually professional footballers, Luis Silva, Nick Soolsma and Miguel Aceval finally stepped up and provided the sort of display world class footballers like Jonathan Woodgate, Steven Gerrard, Joey Barton and many many others would be proud of.

Yes the TFC 3 got into some late night shenanigans at Houston's Club Escobar, getting themselves arrested and providing some entertaining mugshots. Soolsma and Silva look like they've sobered up enough to realise their mistake. Aceval? Well he looks like he couldn't give a shit, much as he chuckled his way through warmups during the second half of the game against Kansas City.

It really doesn't look good does it. 1-10, coming off a pretty bad loss and with another game on Wednesday? No worries, let's party! New coach in place, who's probably planning all sorts of changes in the upcoming transfer window, and is already making cryptic remarks about players who might not want to be here, who you might want to try to impress, or at least try to not embarrass? No worries, let's party!

Details are scarce, but seem to include the fact that the cops gave them every chance to just walk away quietly, but they hung around long enough to eventually get arrested, or at least two of them did. One of them, so far unnamed, apparently tried to run away, and failed. Let's hope that's down to being a wee bit wobbly on their legs and not just a disturbing lack of speed.

I'm sure there'll be more details to come out, but really as long as those details don't involve anyone getting hurt, I can't get too up in arms about this. 1-10 already ensured the tag of league's most embarrassing club, is a lot more painful and a lot less funny. Now we've just gone from depressingly bad to comically bad. Given the timing, it's more dumb on behalf of the TFC 3 rather than disgraceful, and hey, which top team hasn't had some kind of 'players misbehaving in night clubs' scandal. We're finally acting like a proper club.