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Per Krøldrup Linked to Toronto FC

Per Kroldrup in action for Fiorentina in one of his more recent games for the club, back in 2011
Per Kroldrup in action for Fiorentina in one of his more recent games for the club, back in 2011

The time for rumours to swirl is upon us once again. For Toronto FC it would make sense that some speculation would take place as most would agree that there will be some roster movement in the coming months. We may not see a complete overhaul of the squad similar to that which took place last summer but there is every chance that Paul Mariner will use the upcoming window to try and get rid of some of the players who no longer want to be with the club or who were brought in to suit Aron Winter's style.

The biggest rumour, since the Michael Ballack one went away, is Per Krøldrup being linked to a move to the club. The Danish International has played on Europe's biggest stages including in the 2004 European Championship and the UEFA Champions League. His contract with Italian Serie A club Fiorentina is now set to run out, opening the door for him to make a potential move to the MLS.

Reports out of Denmark and Italy are suggesting that the 32 year centre back is close to finding a new club to play for with Toronto being one of his potential destinations. He could be a potential answer to TFC's issues in defense, but could just as easily be another high profile bust. His career in Italy with Fiorentina and Udinese was long and successful but his brief stop in England with Everton was a complete disaster. He was injured before playing a single game with the club and then after finally making a single league appearance he returned to Italy. Many put him down among the worst transfers in the club and league's history having cost Everton a reported 5 million pounds back in 2005.

Now he is in the twilight of his career and looking for a new club to play for. If he looks at coming to MLS as a nice form of early retirement then hopefully he goes somewhere other than TFC, but if he wants to come over and put in the effort he could be a good signing similar to how Arne Friedrich has been for Chicago Fire. The big question will certainly be how he would fit in with the club's limited budget should this rumour actually have any legs, whether he'll be looking for DP wages, and just what TFC might have to do to accommodate that.