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Krisztian Lisztes Linked to Toronto FC

Another day, another rumour. This time though it comes from a source that was just too good to be ignored. It is not just another random European tabloid site boosting its traffic with a link with no basis other than this player is out of contract and they once were seen around Torsten Frings. This time it comes to us from Steve Sandor over at where he reports that Krisztian Lisztes could be heading to Canada and Toronto FC is a possible destination for the former Hungarian international with a wealth of Bundesliga experience.

This report actually makes sense because Lisztes played alongside Frings at Weder Bremen and he is now represented by agents based in Canada. Along with Frings, Lisztes formed one of the top central midfield partnerships in the Bundesliga back in the early 2000's. It was a time period that saw him claim a Domestic Player of the Year award in 2002 before an injury derailed his rise to the top of European club football. Now 36 years old the possibility of a reunion with Frings might just be enough to cause him to leave his native Hungary, where he most recently played for Ferencvaros making 23 appearances last season, and finish out his playing career in MLS.

If he were brought in at TFC he would make for a good fit in the new 4-4-2 system if Mariner is looking for a central midfielder that could compliment the ball winning skills of Frings and Julian de Guzman. Lisztes would be able to be the lynch pin in turning from defending to attack which is something that TFC has often lacked this season.

The draw backs are obvious in this case though. At 36 years old the rest of his playing days may not be all that much longer. There would be the risk that his past injury problems could return and he would not really contribute much or that his age would take a toll in the physical MLS.

If the price is right, Toronto would do well to add a veteran playmaker to their midfield but before the club is going to be able to bring in more internationals they will have to look at moving someone out to clear cap space and an international roster spot. The likely targets for such a move seem to be the out of favour and over paid Miguel Aceval or more recently Joao Plata who could be in line for a return to LDU Quito.

To read more about Lisztes check out the full story from