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My favourite sports highlight: One last shining moment for Darlington Football Club.

If you ever check out the other MLS blogs in SB Nation, and have been browsing around in the last week or so, you may have noticed them posting their favourite sports highlight, which is a sponsored post we were all asked to do this week to make you all want to buy a Samsung TV. I delayed for a while, as I thought I should be doing something TFC related, but couldn't really think of anything to put up there. There's the whole Dichio first goal seat cushion moment, but that's a bit overdone, and really, scoring the first goal was always going to happen.

There have been moments I've enjoyed obviously, Chad Barrett's game against Chicago when he scored twice? Wow, I was giddy. Giddy. It was like the special kid in school had got an A. That he actually deserved. That's probably my favourite TFC moment ever still, but there's no good video out there beyond this particularly low quality 4 minute highlights of the game.

So instead, until TFC can come up with a suitably dramatic, meaningful or emotional highlight, I go back to my roots and give you this, Chris Senior scoring the winning goal for Darlington in the 2011 FA Trophy final, at Wembley, in the last minute of extra time. Enjoy. Beyond the jump I'll get into what really makes it special, then feel free to let us know your favourite sports moment in the comments section, ideally with links if they exist, whether TFC, Canada, some other team or sport, whatever really,

That's the radio commentary laid over the top of the picture, and aside from the momentousness of it all, that's what really makes this clip. Let's face it, it's not a pretty goal. The celebrations are great to watch, but fairly standard cup winning stuff. No, it's all about the commentators. The lead commentator, Ray Simpson, has been doing Darlington games for the local radio for as long as I can remember, well over 20 years at least. The colour guy beside him is Kevan Smith, club captain back in 1991, the last time Darlo won a trophy. You can tell this means as much to them as it does to the supporters, that they're just as long suffering, and it's the pure unapologetic impartial joy, complete with unchecked emotion and what can only be described as guffawing that still brings tears to the eye over a year later.

Where are Darlo now? Well, in the year since that goal, they went into administration, and eventually got relegated 4 divisions and told they have to change to a whole new name as they start over again, so this really was a very well timed last hurrah for Darlington FC (1883-2012)

So, there it is TFC, that's the bar set. Beat that and give me a good moment to use in the future.