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Are You Smarter Than Preki? Round 21

So, it's squeaky bum time for the end of this first half of the season contest, just 3 more games left, and the nerves appear to be getting to b_like_fonz, who changed his initial pick from what seemed like an outlandish 1-1 prediction, to a Houston win, and thus dropped 2 points. So, for the first time I think all year, we have a new leader, and I couldn't be more delighted to say it's ME! Yay!

This time round, it's new England coming to town for the first home game of what has so far, been a wildly entertaining spell for Paul Mariner. Who knows what to expect this time? As always , predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goals, 1 point for correct amount of New England goals. Full standings are below the jump, thanks for playing.

duncan fletcher 36
b_like_fonz 35
susanjm 31
sulfur chesh 30
Redwineroz 28
steph gunther 27
wright anomaly 27
The Yorkies 26
Dkolish3 24
mps204 24
kilowatt 44 23
J-real 23
slknowles 23
Plinkostar 22
blindfolded tank driver 22
kzknowles/kristin 22
psonumber9 21
brucehardingtfc 20
varry galk 19
darth pingu 17
ssreporters 15
footy wolverine go blue 15
liverob 13
Dave Rowaan 13
Lesean25 11
hansdampf 10
Andy pereira 9
bradboyes26 9
boba fett 9
bradtaylor78 7
canadian texan 6
john leung 6
mahmoud shoblaq 5
mrskilowatt44 4
c to the d 4
craig moretto 4
stoufville rpb 4
tfchooligan69 4
radoodle 4
bert terror 3
flying celt 3
gweeds1180 3
the renniesance 3
bill ault 2
prizby 2
sonja36 2
d-j-rea 2
turbobadcore 1
calvin rowaan 1
therealdpan 1
thebookmistress 1