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WTR Live! Montreal Impact vs Toronto FC, Round 4

The house of pain? I still say tic know the rest. 
CREDIT: Richard Wolowicz, Getty Images
The house of pain? I still say tic know the rest. CREDIT: Richard Wolowicz, Getty Images
Getty Images

2012 MLS Season, Game 13
Stade Saputo, Montreal, Quebec
7:30pm ET (5:30pm MT)

"Sentimental days in a misty clouded haze,
Of a memory that now feels untrue.
I used to feel disguised, now I leave the mask behind,
Painting pictures that aren't so blue,
The pages I've turned are the lessons I've learned."

- "Welcome to My Truth", Anastasia

Well, two draws from two winnable games. Has the mask of gloom been left behind at last? Is the promised land just around the corner as we hope? Let's not hope for a miracle just yet, but hey: where better to find the new truth, than at the newly-rebuilt Stade Saputo, in the fourth edition of the Eastern Canada derby this season, which is currently locked at a win apiece?

Montreal's just recently reopened Stade Saputo with two straight wins against two MLS leaders in Seattle and Houston, but with Toronto having nicked the first ever win at the stadium when it was first opened in 2009 (remember that Marco Velez strike? Of course you do, Montreal...), can we do it again? Has TFC learned their lessons, and will we be paintings those pictures that aren't so blue? We shall find out.

For your pre-match reading pleasure, we have James' immaculate Know You Enemy piece, and Duncan's pre-game report, or if you're feeling the need for fair and balanced coverage, there's Sofiane's pre-match blurb at Mount Royal Soccer. And as always, test the prognosticator in you with our infamous Are You Smarter? game.

The CoveritLive window is just past the jump, so come join us starting at 7:00pm for pre-game banter with your host (me) and WTR writers, and stay with us during the match for live commentary, WTR style! Follow us here, or if you're on the go, using CiL's mobile apps -- we want to hear from you!

(Oh, and FYI...the comments section of this post will not be monitored during the match...just so you know, though it will be used for lineups and pre game chat before the CIL window gets up and running.)