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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 23.

OK, so here it is, the final round, before a prize is awarded, and we reset and start all over again for the 2nd half of the season, I'm delighted to say I've built an unbeatable lead, but the race for 2nd, which will be the prizewinner (winner's choice of Preki doll or Yorkies cards) is still up for grabs, with 3 possible winners, and a tie break seeming like it might be needed. Even if you're not one of the top 3, there's all sorts of bragging rights and imaginary Europa league qualification spots to be decided.

As always, predict the score in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goal, 1 point for correct amount of New York goals. Thanks for playing, and if you kind of gave up or never started because you were too far behind, well come back for Wednesday's game when everyone goes back to 0 points.

duncan fletcher 40
b_like_fonz 35
susanjm 34
sulfur chesh 31
steph gunther 30
Redwineroz 29
wright anomaly 28
The Yorkies 27
mps204 27
J-real 26
Dkolish3 24
slknowles 24
psonumber9 24
kilowatt 44 23
Plinkostar 22
blindfolded tank driver 22
kzknowles/kristin 22
varry galk 22
brucehardingtfc 21
darth pingu 21
liverob 17
footy wolverine go blue 16
ssreporters 15
Dave Rowaan 13
hansdampf 13
Lesean25 11
Andy pereira 9
bradboyes26 9
boba fett 9
bradtaylor78 8
canadian texan 6
john leung 6
mahmoud shoblaq 5
mrskilowatt44 4
c to the d 4
craig moretto 4
stoufville rpb 4
tfchooligan69 4
radoodle 4
prizby 4
bert terror 3
flying celt 3
gweeds1180 3
the renniesance 3
bill ault 2
sonja36 2
d-j-rea 2
turbobadcore 1
calvin rowaan 1
therealdpan 1
thebookmistress 1