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Game Thread: Canada v USA

Canada v USA
Bmo Field, 7pm

So here it is, one last Canada game to enjoy without really worrying too much about the result. Sure you always want to beat the yanks in any sport, but it really doesn't matter too much, it's more about seeing just how Canada will play without Josh Simpson and Atiba Hutchinson and if they can get any kind of form together before things get serious on Friday in Cuba.

Of course Canada probably won't win, there is a clear difference in quality between the sides, even if Canada's best two players weren't injured, but you know, anything can happen, a point I will illustrate with the following video.

It's a game you can enjoy without the stench of TFC's depressing season hanging over things, and without the bum squeaking tension that will accompany the Honduras game. It should also be much higher quality than any TFC game, so i'm still really confused by any TFC fan or soccer fan in the area that wants nothing to do with Canada games, all very puzzling. It's not a sellout, so if you're reading this and debating going to the game, head down there, you'll easily get a ticket.

I've got a much fuller preview for your reading pleasure here, and here's some excellent in depth coverage from TSN. Oh wait, no there isn't, they have literally 0 about the game. The Star does at least have something online but had nothing in the paper, both shameful efforts. On a happier note though, kudos to the sun for a preview and another article looking at the 1986 team. Sportsnet are of course all over this game, and Red Nation Online, Canadian Soccer News and the Canadian corner of all have plenty of articles worth checking out. There's also the usual excellent nonsense from the Yorkies, and this is well worth a click if only for the accompanying picture showing Canada doing something really rather rude to the US.

The game starts at 7, but the Canadian supporter festivities start at 4pm at Maro, so go along there if you want to get into the spirit of things before the game. If you're not in Toronto, then feel free to join us here. I'll have team news on here when it hits twitter, and then we'll go from there.

Come On You Reds, er, Blues.