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All time Canada XI revealed.

At half time of last night's Canada v USA game, the results were announced for who was voted into the all time Canada men and Women teams. Most of the pomp and circumstance was saved for the pre game stuff, so this announcement was easily missed if like me you were using half time to get more beer or visit the bathroom. But the results are now up on the CSA's site, here's the link to the men's team, and here's the one for the Women.

On the men's side of things, the team was goalkeeper Craig Forrest, defenders Robert Iarusci, Randy Samuel, Jason de Vos and Bruce Wilson, midfielders and forwards Mike Sweeney, Atiba Hutchinson, Dale Mitchell, Dwayne De Rosario, John Catliff and Alex Bunbury.

For the Women, the team was goalkeeper Erin McLeod, defenders Rhian Wilkinson, Martina Franko, Candace Chapman and Janine Helland, midfielders Geraldine Donnelly, Andrea Neil and Diana Matheson, and forwards Charmaine Hooper, Christine Sinclair and Kara Lang.

As expected, on the men's side of things where there were players from older generations available for selection, history takes a beating with only one player, Iarusci, coming from before the 1986 World Cup team, and only two others, Bruce Wilson and Mike Sweeney (just) going as far back as the 70's. It seems unlikely that Canada's more recent players are all that much better, but as I said it's not unexpected really, given there's not that much information out there about Canada's history, I certainly had very little idea who a lot of the players were that we had the options to vote for.

One minor step in that respect though is the links that are at the bottom of the pages linked above, that break the history up into little chunks and profile the men and women that have represented Canada over the years. For example, were you aware of Dr Walter Thompson, a centre forward from Toronto once described as "nothing less than a miracle of speed, accuracy and artfulness," not to mention owner of a magnificently sculpted moustache? Me neither, and there's plenty more to find out. If you've got a bit of time to kill and want to educate yourself a bit more on our soccer history, they're well worth a look.