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Toronto FC to make Major Announcement

Toronto FC announced today that at 1:30 ET they would be making a major announcement. The surprising part of that is thus far not one member of the TFC media has been able to offer any real suggestion of what it might be. Most of the time even small TFC announcements somehow end up being leaked to basically anyone who is willing to ask.

So what might we be in store for? Well, if they are dragging everyone in the media down for a Thursday afternoon press conference you can bet it is going to be something positive or at the very least something they try to spin in that direction. If it were something negative like a firing it would likely have come out in a press release late tomorrow afternoon when the world was busy watching Euro and getting ready for the weekend. If it were something to do with player movement that would have almost certainly be picked up by someone around the league.

That leaves me to think that the most likely case is that someone is going to be getting "promoted" and we will see the follow up moves to when Bob deKlerk got shuffled off of the bench. The likely scenario is that Aron Winter gets promoted to a more technical director role that takes him off of the sidelines and into an office role clearing the way for Paul Mariner to head behind the bench and join Jim Brennan in coaching the team.

That is just one possibility of the many so what do you think it could be? At this stage you can't rule out any announcement as this is TFC afterall.

Anyway, the time is almost upon us, here's the live stream from TFCs website. Let's do this.