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Julian de Guzman traded for Andrew Wiedeman

Not too many photos like this one around as Wiedeman saw very limited minutes during his time in Dallas
Not too many photos like this one around as Wiedeman saw very limited minutes during his time in Dallas

The deal broke last night when it was reported that Julian de Guzman was on a plane heading to Dallas having been traded by Toronto FC. Now the deal has been made official and we know what FC Dallas is sending north in return. Toronto shipped out their first ever designated player in exchange for 22 year old forward Andrew Wiedeman.

Deals between TFC and FCD are almost starting to be common place these days as both seem to be willing trading partners. In the last year, TFC has made trades to pick up Peri Marosevic, Eric Avila, Jeremy Hall, and now Andrew Wiedeman from FC Dallas. It is a trade route that has worked out fairly well for Toronto in the past and now they will be hoping that Wiedeman can get his career going when he arrives in Toronto.

Wiedeman is a 22 year old who is listed as a forward but is capable of playing down the right side of the field as well. He was drafted by FC Dallas with the 21st pick in the 2010 SuperDraft having left University of California after his junior year to sign a Generation Adidas contract. At Cal he scored 30 goals in 59 appearances along with notching 15 assists making him one of the more prolific attackers available in that years draft.

He has yet to really get his MLS career going though as at FC Dallas he has only made 8 league appearances and did not get his first start with the team until this season. In that start he was used at right mid rather than forward as it seemed that Dallas wanted to convert him into more of a wing player.

For Toronto the key is that they have shipped out JDG's designated player contract, and along with Wiedeman they got a lot of cap space out of this deal. Wiedeman comes with a contract that guarantees him $123,000 for this season but he is still on his GA contract meaning he will not take up any of TFC's cap space.

There is no doubt that this deal is more about the cap space and DP slot that are now open for Paul Mariner to work with and less about adding a depth player in Wiedeman. The added depth, particularly at forward, is nice but this move will be judged on what the club now goes on to do with the money they made available.