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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 4

The hunt for second half prizes continues this weekend as Toronto FC takes on the New England Revolution. With Duncan away for the weekend you are stuck with me running the show and that means that sadly the scores from last round have not yet been updated. Fear not though, it is only round 4 and it is still anyone's game to win.

This time around please either submit your score in the comment section or send it to me on twitter @soccercanada. Just to refresh you all on the scoring system you get 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correctly guessing the amount of goals from Toronto, and 1 point for getting the New England goal total correct. A perfect prediction is worth a whopping 4 points.

Current standings are below the jump, thanks for playing. So lets have those prekidictions!

hansdampf 8
kevinferreira86 6
slknowles 6
duncan fletcher 6
varry galk 5
blindfolded tank driver 4
steph gunther 4
kzknowles 4
g_monsey 4
footy wolverine go blue 3
redwineroz 3
sulfur_chesh 3
j_real 3
brucehardingtfc 3
berktopia 3
mps204 3
susanjm 3
liverob 3
dkolish3 2
craif moretto 2
darth pingu 2
bradtaylor78 2
wright anomaly 2
jc_plante 2
dave rowaan 1
the yorkies 1
psonumber9 1