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Danny Koevermans tears Cruciate Ligament

Could be a long time before we see TFC's big Dutch striker in action again....sigh
Could be a long time before we see TFC's big Dutch striker in action again....sigh

Toronto FC confirmed that injured forward Danny Koevermans was to undergo an MRI this morning in Toronto. It was feared that the scan would reveal the worse and that the Dutch forward was looking at a long road back if he wanted to return to the field. We are still waiting on word from the club on the extent of the injury which will not likely come until tomorrow.

In the meantime, reports have already come out of Holland that include quotes from the 33 year old saying that his season is done. He comments that he does not blame the New England Revolution defender, A.J. Soares, for the challenge but instead notes that having seen the replay of the incident that he knee just twists oddly. He goes on to comment that over his career he has had very good luck with injuries with only minor things involving his hamstring or groin. It gets a lot worse than that though as the Dutch forward confirms that he has a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee and that it caused him terrible pain. The pain was so bad that Koevermans comments he is glad that they were only in Boston and the flight home was not any longer.

The report gives no idea of when they will be able to preform surgery to repair the knee as that is dependent on the swelling going down. Koevermans says that he will stay in Toronto for the surgery and then get to work on making his recovery saying (roughly translated from Dutch), "I have had my tears. I'm ready for that fight and to return to the pitch as soon as possible"

We will wait for official word from the club on the injury and the extent of his recovery time but if this report is accurate then the best case scenario is that he makes it back for the start of next season but as we have seen with Adrian Cann and Dicoy Williams knee operations are tricky business.

Update: Confirmation has now come from the club that it is an ACL injury, and though the date of his surgery is still undetermined, he will indeed miss at least the rest of this season.