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Tosaint Ricketts' Move to Dynamo Dresden blocked

I have a feeling Ricketts may want to do some very different screaming right about now. (via <a href="">canadasoccer</a>)
I have a feeling Ricketts may want to do some very different screaming right about now. (via canadasoccer)

The always excellent Steven Sandor of dug up a piece of very bad news from Bild earlier today. The German news source reported that Tosaint Ricketts may not be able to sign for Dynamo Dresden following an intervention from the Romanian Football Federation. It is a story that has been confirmed by a source close to the German club who now feels their hands are tied when it comes to making a move for the player.

It seems that the Romanian FA has changed their mind about letting Ricketts walk from his Politehnica Timisoara contract. He had fought with them for close to five months to be allowed to leave the club after failing to receive payment during that time. Now the club and the FA are insisting that he is still under contract and they would expect either a loan agreement to be reached or that a transfer fee would be paid.

Neither of those is something that Dresden are reportedly interested in. They were only pursuing Ricketts under the assumption that he would be available to them on a free transfer and seemed keen to sign him following an impressive preseason that saw him score four goals in just three matches.

It seemed that something was off with the situation when Ricketts was not included in the lineup for the club's friendly against Manchester City this week and the player went from tweeting his excitement for being involved in the game to simply saying "what a blow..".

If the Romanian FA decides to play hardball as they seem set to do it would pretty much put an end to any potential move to Dresden for Ricketts as he will be forced to return to Canada when his visa runs out. That would then leave him with very few options as he would have to work with FIFA and FIFPro to try and resolve the situation but is a long process and can take months as we saw with Josh Simpson.

If this does result in Ricketts having to take time off to sort out his contract situation in Romania that will be a huge blow for both the player and the national team. Having him on form and playing well is crucial for Canada this fall and now that is cast into major doubt.