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Quincy Amarikwa coming to Toronto FC

Whoa Quincy, calm down.  It's only TFC, and you're probably just going to be on the bench a lot.
Whoa Quincy, calm down. It's only TFC, and you're probably just going to be on the bench a lot.

To add to that strangely almost familiar winning feeling as I left the match last night and read through twitter on the drive home (someone else was driving i should point out.), were tweets talking about an announcement of a new player, probably today. Ooh, that sounded good, it's been one way so far, with plenty of players leaving and only Andrew Weideman coming back, and a nice goal aside, I remain underwhelmed by that, that's all about the cap space and dp slot. Would this finally be the impact player to take up that space? The player who would improve the team and hopefully become a longish term cornerstone of Paul Mariner's new direction?

Excitement was dampened by a tweet from Asif Hossain saying the following "Player announced tomorrow won't be headline grabbing but he is useful, hard working and seems nice. A Mariner-type guy." Hmmm, might be good, and we do need plenty of those type of players, but doesn't really get the pulse going does it?

Well, enthusiasm at WTR Towers plummeted further when John Molinaro spoiled the surprise and told us it's going to be Quincy Amarikwa.

Yeah, that Quincy Amarikwa who at the age of 24, in his 4th MLS season, has a grand total of 4 goals in 56 appearances with the San Jose Earthquakes and Colorado Rapids. As a striker. To paraphrase from Team America: Amarikwa! Fuck, Meh!

That's harsh of course, there are hopefully more exciting and impactful signings coming, and if Amarikwa had been snuck in after those guys towards the end of the window, I'd be shrugging and saying, well I guess it's a decent depth pick up. Just because the order's different shouldn't change that reaction, if he's all we end up with out of this transfer window, I'll be pissed, but that's unlikely. We need all the bodies we can get up front, I'm presuming his contract will be appropriately small and hopefully he can contribute in some small way. If he can do well enough to stick around next year, excellent. If not, oh well, at least he was a warm body for the reserve team.

It's an OK addition, that's all, and that's all it was ever supposed to be, but any time you want to bring in the important players Paul, that'd be cool.