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Eric Hassli to Toronto FC.

Dude, it's ok, we'll give you a new jersey, no need to rip the old one apart with your teeth.
Dude, it's ok, we'll give you a new jersey, no need to rip the old one apart with your teeth.

Quincy who now? Those disappointed at TFC's lack of splashiness in this year's transfer window will be sated by the news snuck out on a Friday night that they'd got Eric Hassli from the McWhitecaps. Hassli, clearly suffering from a deficiency in scottishness for Martin Rennie's liking, only cost a 2014 first round SuperDraft pick and an international spot through the 2013 season (does 'through' mean it starts now, I'll presume so).

Depending on how long he's with TFC, that's a good bit of business. If it's just for this year, then it smacks of short termness, exciting short termness for sure, but still probably not helpful for when it matters. If we can keep him next year, then he could really have an effect, and sets up a potentially very interesting partnership with Danny Koevermans if they ever get to play together. On twitter, Darlington legend Jason De Vos said there's an option for another year on his contract, which would mean both scenarios are possible

He's obviously a direct replacement for Koevermans, though they seem quite different players, Koevermans is quieter, more about the intelligent burst of speed, and shots that guide the ball into the net rather than bust it. Hassli, from the Vancouver games I've seen is more of an erratic bull in a china shop type, often easily dispirited and curiously quiet (see the last Voyageurs Cup game after Adrian Cann ran him over early on), but also often, and more often than not against Toronto, brilliant in a take over the game kind of way. He's scored plenty of highlight reel goals of course, but overall not really that many, 12 games in 44 games is hardly Koevermans-esque, so anyone hoping for a goal machine is likely to be let down.

Will this make TFC a better team? For now yes, but hey, any good striker would have done that. Will it make them that much better? Maybe, maybe not, probably not in any kind of reliable way, I'd put money on a lot of people being really frustrated with him by the end of the year. A first round pick in 2014 and an international spot better? Yep, I'm fairly confident on that one. At the very least, it'll make us a lot more interesting this year, that's for sure.