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Game Thread: Liverpool vs Toronto FC

Liverpool vs Toronto FC (this is to all effects a Liverpool home game, so I'll list it as one)
Rogers Centre 4pm E.D.T
Sportsnet (really? come on Sportsnet, show some dignity, you couldn't even shunt it off to Sportsnet One? Ugh)

Well here it is finally, Liverpool reserves taking on some ragtag version of TFC. I want to see a lineup consisting of Random academy kid, Oh that guy, Wait he's still here?, who?, Is he a triallist? Never heard of him, Miguel Aceval, and a few others. I want to see a blank injury report after the game, that about sums it up for me. Hopefully some kid can get himself a nice Gabe Gala-esque story out of it all.

Liverpool's team will be similarly starless due to olympics and euro related absences, so it all seems a bit pointless really. Some people on twitter were talking about Bruce Grobbelaar talking in a pub, that sounds pretty cool, but the game? Well it's Brendan Rodgers' first game in charge so that's something I guess, but meh.

Anyway, Liverpool fans will have their get together and enjoy themselves cheering on their Reds (and yes, apparently it will be Liverpool in red), as for TFC, who gives a shit, we got Eric Hassli! whooooo.

I won't be at the game and probably won't even be watching on tv, so won't be updating this myself, but there's the comments section, feel free to talk among yourselves.