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Amarikwa to Toronto is Official

"Outta my way, Jack, I'm on my way to Toronto." (Photo by Michael Martin/Getty Images)
"Outta my way, Jack, I'm on my way to Toronto." (Photo by Michael Martin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It took a while, but earlier today Quincy Amarikwa was made officially a Red. With the arrival of Eric Hassli to TFC, chances are that the ex-Colorado bench striker will end up...well, on the bench.

The former Rapids man was drafted in 2009 by the San Jose Earthquakes and spent one season there before being sent to Colorado. He was waived by the Rapids about a month ago, and his rights were picked up by the New York Red Bulls, who didn't end up signing him.

Meanwhile, we asked our friends over at Burgundy Wave as to what we can expect...and here's the answer from their editor, UZ, after the jump:

Quincy Amarikwa is, I'm sorry to say, not a guy you'll probably enjoy the services of all that much. As a fourth or fifth guy in a striker rotation, I suppose he's serviceable but if he's going to be starting any games or playing more than four or five reserve appearances a year you'll likely get sick of him mighty quickly. Physically, he's actually quite gifted. He's pretty strong, has some decent speed and is tall enough with a high enough vertical leap to allow him to take on just about any defender he wants.

Unfortunately, he's just not all there mentally on the pitch. He seems to have something I like to call 'hero syndrome', where he always goes for the most beautiful, highlight reel goal possible. He really wants to be Messi, but he just isn't good enough to be Messi. That leads to terrible shots from 30 yards out and bicycle kicks galore that never turn into anything. He's still somewhat young so it could be coached out of him but many coaches have already tried and failed -- there's a reason he only has four goals in four years of MLS play.

I wouldn't get too excited about him, he was essentially a running gag over on Burgundy Wave near the end of his tenure and was dropped mostly because the Rapids didn't feel like paying him any more