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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 6

After a bit of a break, The world's favourite competition is back, can a still dp-cb less TFC get a win against Houston, a 4th straight? or can Houston finally win in Canada at the 9th time of asking? Who knows? You do of course, so get your predictions in. As always 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goals, and 1 point for correct amount of Dynamo goals.

You can enter your predictions in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. Given that I've also got smarter than Morace on the go (where you can win a Christine Sinclair Canada jersey, as opposed to this competition's dubious Preki doll prize.) if you have a login here, it'd be really helpful if you do it here rather than on twitter as I can see my system collapsing in confusion with the 2 games on the same day. If you are doing it on twitter, please put tfc, or preki in there, don't just predict 2-1 reds for example, or 2-1 for the good guys.

Current standings below the jump, thanks for playing.

slknowles 11
darth pingu 10
brucehardingtfc 9
berktopia 9
hansdampf 9
kzknowles 8
g_monsey 8
susanjm 8
varry galk 8
kevinferreira86 7
mps204 7
duncan fletcher 6
steph gunther 6
blindfolded tank driver 6
psonumber9 6
sulfur_chesh 5
redwineroz 5
j_real 5
footy wolverine go blue 5
liverob 5
jc_plante 5
bradtaylor78 4
paul beirne 4
boba fett 4
the yorkies 4
claudiogmeneses 4
wright anomaly 4
tfcfan1974 3
dave rowaan 3
dkolish3 3
craig moretto 2
b_like_fonz 2
plinkostar 2
tfchooligan69 1
john leung 1
mike mcguire 1
ouderwien 1