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Are you smarter than Carolina Morace? Round 2

Ooooh! Aaaahh! ohhhh!
Ooooh! Aaaahh! ohhhh!

So, the first game ended in a predictable loss, and apparently a predictable score as well, as we currently have an 8 way tie at the top. Let's hope Canada plays to expectations again as the obvious prediction here is a win, but by how much?

Get your predictions in via the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 for correct amount of Canada goals and 1 for correct amount of South Africa goals. Given smarter than Preki is also ongoing, if you could put it in the comments section, that'd be really helpful, or if you're doing it on twitter, at least throw a canwnt or morace hashtag on there.

Thanks for playing, and once again thanks to Umbro Canada for donating the Sinclair 12 shirts, one of which will be the prize here. If predicting's not your thing, come by here for the WTRlive coverage of Saturday's game, where the other one will be given away via Chrsitine Sinclair related trivia.

calvin rowaan 4
brad taylor 4
kirkbot3000 4
melanie.rowaan 4
blindfolded tank driver 4
cassiefras 4
redwineroz 4
kzknowles 4
dave rowaan 3
prizby 3
duane rollins 3
kilowatt44 3
bishopville red 3
pompey canuck 3
izaac.kamrad 3
marauder01 3
wright anomaly 2
lostman101 1
amelv3 1
john leung 1
steph gunther 1
lesean25 1
sairax 1
munyeevong 1
hansdampf 1
b_like_fonz 1