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Game Thread: Toronto FC vs Houston Dynamo.

Bmo Field 4:30 pm E.D.T
Gol TV

There are two 3 game win streaks on the line today at BMO Field as the hottest teams in MLS get together. It's been a while since TFC played a proper game but a win here would be the first time ever that TFC win 4 straight league games. Houston are of course looking for their first ever win in Canada as they've got a record of 0-5-3 record so far in MLS play up here, but they're playing for more than merely keeping streaks alive or putting hoodoos to rest, they're very much in the middle of the Eastern conference playoff race so the points have a purpose beyond mere pride.

TFC are officially introducing Eric Hassli as I type this, but it's unlikely he'll play much part in this game as he's coming back from a mild ankle injury, so we'll have to hope Luis Silva can pick up his goalscoring form of a couple of weeks ago.

There'll be extra fun to be had around the end of this game as the 18th annual Toronto Beer Festival is also going on in exhibition place today, so by 6:30 there should be a looooot of drunken folk rambling around the grounds. The same thing happened in 2010, and for some reason I was hanging out by gate 4 after the game as the players came out. A very very drunk girl decided she was going to get her chest signed, and the first player that came out duly obliged. She then went back to her friends to ask "who was that?' only to be informed by an unimpressed friend, 'I think that was Milos Kocic he's the 3rd string goalie'. Her disappointment at the lack of famous boob signature was quickly forgotten though as within 5 minutes she was puking into a garbage can. Good times.

Anyway, for a more thorough preview, here's a whole bunch of pre game reading for you. First up my preview of the game, followed by James' always insightful Know Your Enemy. Don't forget to get your picks in for Are you smarter than Preki, and why not check out all our coverage of the CANWNT at the olympics at this link here.

Game kicks off at 4:30, we'll be here before that with team news as soon as it hits twitter, and then further chat/commentary as we go.

Come on you Reds!