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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 7

Let's go continental! Let's go continental! La-la-la-la Ooh! Yes, it is once again CCL time for TFC and smarter than Preki, that time when you really don't have much of an idea about the club you're going to play, but you figure, well we should be able to beat an El Salvadorean team at home right?

Get your predictions in, either in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter, 2 points for the correct result, 1 for the correct amount of TFC goals and uno for the correct amount of Cd Àguila Gooooooooooooooooooollllllllss! Current standings are as always after the jump, thanks for playing.

slknowles 11
darth pingu 10
hansdampf 10
kzknowles 9
brucehardingtfc 9
berktopia 9
g_monsey 8
susanjm 8
varry galk 8
kevinferreira86 8
mps204 7
wright anomaly 7
psonumber9 7
steph gunther 7
duncan fletcher 6
blindfolded tank driver 6
footy wolverine go blue 6
sulfur_chesh 5
redwineroz 5
j_real 5
liverob 5
jc_plante 5
bradtaylor78 4
paul beirne 4
boba fett 4
the yorkies 4
claudiogmeneses 4
tfcfan1974 3
dave rowaan 3
dkolish3 3
craig moretto 2
b_like_fonz 2
plinkostar 2
tfchooligan69 1
john leung 1
mike mcguire 1
ouderwien 1