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WTR Live! Toronto FC vs. FC Dallas

There's some empty seats in Texas, that no one wants to fill... 
(CREDIT: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
There's some empty seats in Texas, that no one wants to fill... (CREDIT: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

2012 MLS Season, Game 15
FC Dallas Park, Frisco, Texas
9:00pm ET (7:00pm MT)

Hey Ultraviolet, you bottled it right.
Tell your skirt to take a hike!
Keep doin' what you're doin', 'cause you're doin' it right,
Keep doin' what you're doin', 'cause it's what I like!

- "Ultraviolet", The B-52s

Whatever they've been drinking, I hope there's more of it tonight in the water coolers for TFC in Dallas, Texas. Nine points in 6 matches (under two coaches), and all of a sudden it seems TFC is back on the road once again to respectability. A win, coupled with a Philadelphia loss later tonight will actually (and I can't believe I am actually writing this) lift the Reds off the bottom of the East.

But before that can happen, there's a little matter of actually winning against Western Conference cellar-dwellers, FC Dallas -- their first meeting since that fateful Champions League clash in October. Without arguably their biggest threat David Ferreira and a number of key injuries to Blas Perez and Brek Shea among others, the Texan Hoops are winless at home in the past six, including a scoreless draw last match against Chivas. But according to latest reports, Ferreira is back -- and that could mean big things.

Meanwhile, the Reds are coming in with some wind behind their backs, with the defence (especially Ashtone Morgan) putting in a stalwart performance at home against the Red Bulls on Saturday, that same back line could be facing off against Ferreira, who should make his first appearance for Dallas this season -- but with Danny Koevermans and Ryan Johnson in fine fettle, and Torsten Frings and Julian de Guzman making nuisances of themselves, this could be one Wooden Spoon showdown that isn't going to feel like it.

For your reading pleasure, we have Dave's quick look at Eric Avila's rise after his arrival in Toronto, and his match preview, James' (should be) award winning Know Your Enemy series (in parts one and two) takes a look at the opposition, and our supreme overlord editor Duncan bemoaning rumours of more back-office tiffs, while showing (with stats!) how TFC's set pieces are becoming quite a goal mine, and his chat with Daniel Robertson over at Big D Soccer.

Plus, the second half of our "Are You Smarter" game this season has begun, and the scores are reset -- test your prognostication skills, and win great* prizes.

Our CoverItLive screen is available just past the jump -- I will be LIVE starting at 8:30pm Eastern with pre-game chat, and then live text commentary during the match. Before that there'll be team news and quite possibly comments throughout the Montreal vs Team America game, handily on TSN right before this one, so wherever you are (especially if you have an iPhone/Android and have CoverItLive's apps in iPhone or Android), whether its in Dallas, or stuck at work...join us here!