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Are you smarter than Preki: Part 2, Round 2

Sunday games feel weird, Saturday afternoon feels way too late to be putting this out, but here we are, for round 2 of the second half of the season, or Clausura if you want to get all Latin American about it. This time we're playing Philadelphia, one of the two teams we've beaten before, but who have also improved after firing their manager, so who know what to expect really? You do of course, so predict the score in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter, and watch the points roll in, 2 for the correct result, 1 for the correct amount of TFC goals, and 1 for the correct amount of Philly goals.

By the end of the year, someone will have won the glorious Preki doll prize, a magnificent addition to any home for sure, current standings after 1 round are below the jump, thanks for playing.

slknowles 4
duncan fletcher 4
kevinferreira86 4
hansdampf 4
blindfolded tank driver 4
steph gunther 2
redwineroz 2
sulfur_chesh 2
kzknowles 2
dkolish3 1
dave rowaan 1
g_monsey 1
the yorkies 1brucehardingtfc 1
bradtaylor78 1
footy wolverine go blue 1
berktopia 1
wright anomaly 1
psonumber9 1
j_real 1
mps204 1
susanjm 1
liverob 1
varry galk 1