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Working class heroes. Who's TFC's best value player?

Everything seems to be happening earlier than usual this season, TFC played themselves out of the playoffs before the end of April, the transfer window was a couple of weeks ahead of last year, and now the players union have released the updated salary info, something that didn't happen until September 12th last year.

Earlier, it was unequivocally determined that Miguel Aceval was TFC's most overpaid player (way to prove us wrong Miguel!), so now let's play nice, and decide who's giving us the most bang for the buck, and most deserving of a raise. Here's a few choices for you, going by the guaranteed salary which is what counts against the cap. There's not that many that I think, wow, that's a great deal, but hey congratulations to Terry Dunfield who was actually one of the choices for most overpaid earlier, now he makes this list.