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Are you smarter than Preki? Round 11

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Amid my growing TFC related apathy, I'll admit I completely forgot about this until someone tweeted me a prediction, thus it's a lot later than usual. Anyway, TFC at the crew, can the trillium cup arouse some kind of fighting spirit to break the 4 game winless streak? Will the crew be raring to go to win one for Kirk Urso at the 3rd time of asking?

Who knows? Why you do of course, so predict the score in the comments section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for the correct result, 1 for correct amount of TFC goals, 1 for correct amount of Crew goals. Current standings below the jump, thanks for playing.

susanjm 19
slknowles 19
kzknowles 17
duncan fletcher 16
varry galk 16
berktopia 15
brucehardingtfc 14
darth pingu 14
footy wolverine go blue 14
wright anomaly 14
the yorkies 12
psonumber9 12
hansdampf 12
kevinferreira86 11
steph gunther 10
g_monsey 10
liverob 10
sulfur_chesh 10
redwineroz 10
mps204 10
blindfolded tank driver 9
b_like_fonz 8
jc_plante 7
dkolish3 7
boba fett 7
j_real 5
bradtaylor78 5
prizby 4
lars lowther 4
paul beirne 4
claudiofmeneses 4
plinkostar 4
tfcfan1974 4
dave rowaan 3
Tuffyrocks 3
67leafnation 2
craig moretto 2
john leung 2
tfchooligan69 1
mike mcguire 1
ouderwien 1