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Toronto FC Register New Logo

Over the past few weeks their has been a bit of a story developing over on Chris Creamer's Sports Logos News about Toronto FC registering a new logo with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This is the same office where Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, and Vancouver Whitecaps have all registered their logos in the past so it raised the question of whether Toronto is going with a new logo.

If you read the entire story you will find all you need to know at the bottom of the article in a response from MLSE Director of Corporate Communication Rajani Kamath.

UPDATE (Aug 17/12 10:30am ET):
And it’s now confirmed via an email from MLSE Director of Corporate Communication Rajani Kamath that this is indeed just a secondary trademark, used "in a subtle way" for the past season and a half but only just registered now. The current primary remains the primary.

So the logo is just being used for secondary purposes and is in fact not even a new logo at all. That is a bit of a relief for many of us who already took issue with the fact that the club has been playing around with the colour scheme on the crest of late. A complete change to the crest would be extremely strange after six years of history as it would basically be changing the most important element of the club's brand.

It may not be the club's new logo for next season but what do you think of the new logo that may be showing up in other locations for promotional purposes.