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Impact give TFC a lesson in how to treat fans

An owner who gets it?
An owner who gets it?

How would this sound Toronto?

"We listened to the calls of our supporters and we have adjusted our prices. I am proud to confirm that there will be a price reduction and we will be rewarding the loyalty of our current season ticket holders. Even though we are currently having success on the field and in the stands, we will never take our ticket holders for granted."

Those were the words of Joey Saputo, President of the Montreal Impact in advance of the club's 2013 season ticket renewal campaign. Can you imagine Tom Anselmi making a similar announcement?

The Impact season ticket package has a number of goodies including 19 games (17 MLS, 1 Amway Game and a Bonus game yet to be named). They offer discounts on concessions, merchandise (up to 15%), a 25% discount on 6 additional tickets and the potential for parking discounts. The Impact have also created a Family Section with tickets priced for youth at $195. Full package details are here.

Renewal pricing isn't yet available but the Impact have published the rates for tickets for new season ticket holders. How would this compare to Toronto FC's 2012 plan for new season ticket holders? More importantly, what should fans be demanding as TFC puts the finishing touches on it's program? The rumoured 3 year price freeze and discounts on concessions if you arrive early just won't cut it. Here's the breakdown by vantage point at BMO, going by the 2012 season pricing as it compares to the Impact's offer:


Toronto Montreal Difference Difference Pair % Decrease Required to Match
Red* $1,292 $1,103 $189 $379 14.7%
Dark Blue** $1,045 $397 $648 $1,297 62.0%
Dark Grey $950 $793 $157 $313 16.5%
Medium Grey $646 $598 $48 $97 7.5%
Light Blue $551 $397 $154 $309 28.0%
Light Grey $399 $489 $(90) $(181) -22.7%
Supporters $361 $304 $57 $114 15.8%


Toronto Montreal Difference Difference Pair % Decrease Required to Match
Red* $1,330 $1,225 $105 $210 7.9%
Dark Blue** $1,083 $441 $642 $1,284 59.3%
Dark Grey $988 $882 $106 $213 10.8%
Medium Grey $684 $664 $20 $40 2.9%
Light Blue $589 $441 $148 $296 25.2%
Light Grey $437 $544 $(107) $(214) -24.5%
Supporters $399 $338 $61 $122 15.3%

Both charts include taxes in Ontario and Quebec

* additional club fee may apply to Toronto's Red section

** the Impact don't really have a Dark Blue section that compares. The closest would be behind the goal non-supporter seats

With this data now freely available for everyone, it is absolutely clear what needs to happen. Fans are only asking for what's fair. We aren't tying pricing to wins and losses, only to reflect the value of buying tickets and buying them in bulk. Given that revenue is shared throughout the league, pricing should be relative to the value of supporting this league and certainly should reflect a relationship with ownership that in the words of Joey Saputo reflects not taking season ticket holders for granted.... shouldn't it?

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