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Chicago Fire vs Toronto FC: Game thread.

Toyota Park
8:30 pm E.D.T, Gol TV

After all that exciting CCL winning and goalscoring, it's back to MLS, with an away game against Chicago. TFC have never won in the cosy 'kind of Chicago, ish, I suppose, almost' confines of Toyota park in Bridgeview, and last year, when I was there, managed to let Dan bloody Gargan get his revenge against Aron Winter with the second goal in a 2-0 defeat.

After a lacklustre defeat against Houston showed what things can look like without Danny Koevermans, we need Eric Hassli in the lineup ASAP, will that happen today? In defence, will Adrian Cann show up? He tweeted that "I am ready to play now I just need a chance to get into a game" so hopefully Paul Mariner will give him that chance, and that's not a sign that Cann isn't in Mariner's plans at all and Cann's taking his displeasure public.

Anyway, whatever happens, it'll be a tough game for Toronto, you can go here for a full preview, check out James' usual thorough Know Your Enemy scouting report, and here's Ryan Sealock of Hot Time In Old Town answering my questions in how you doin'? You can of course check out HTIOT for the Chicago viewpoint of today's game. And, just for shiggles, seeing as how fans of both teams love Chad Barrett, below the jump is highlights of the greatest game played between these two teams, 4-1 back in 2010.

Game starts at 8:30, I'll be here before that with lineups and chat as soon as it all hits twitter, join me.