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Are you smarter than Carolina Morace? Round 6

Dress like a legend, by winning this (the red one).
Dress like a legend, by winning this (the red one).

So here it is, the final round. Can Canada's newest media darlings pick themselves up after the heartbreaking semi final loss, and once again fight the odds against a better team? If they don't also have to fight the ref then maybe they can. Who knows? Hopefully you do, so predict the score in the comments section, or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for correct result, 1 point for correct amount of Canada goals, and 1 point for correct amount of 'et le Buuuuut's from the French. I'm looking for the score after 90 minutes, not after extra time or penalties.

The prize once again, the Christine Sinclair jersey pictured on the right (the red one), and there's still plenty of people in with a chance here. There's a good chance that this could end in a tie, so tiebreak will be to predict the score of the US-Japan match later on tomorrow, so please put that in as well if you're a potential winner, ie anyone with 7 points or up. Full standings after the jump as always.

Once again, many thanks to Umbro canada for donating the prize, and if you don't win and want to get one just like that anyway, and after that semi final performance, why the hell not? there's a bunch of them ready to go and available for purchase here, just $89.99 including name and number.

kirkbot3000 11
b_like_fonz 10
kzknowles 10
melanie.rowaan 9
redwineroz 9
wright anomaly 9
calvin rowaan 9
kilowatt44 9
sairax 9
brad taylor 8
hansdampf 8
john leung 8
berktopia 7
prizby 7
dave rowaan 7
lesean25 7
pompey canuck 5
sulfur_chesh 5
ouderwien 5
blindfolded tank driver 4
cassiefras 4
steph gunther 4
duane rollins 3
bishopville red 3
izaac.kamrad 3
marauder01 3
thatrachelh 2
lostman101 1
amelv3 1
munyeevong 1
mike mcguire 1